What are your consumers really thinking?

KCW Global Research is a qualitative research firm that helps companies connect and learn from their consumers through focus groups of varying types and sizes. Customized methodologies allow consumers to share their true feelings so that they can be leveraged against the client’s strategic vision through careful analysis. Let KCW Global Research help you better understand what your consumers are really thinking.


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    how am i still alive?

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    is nothing sacred?

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Kate is professional, organized and enthusiastic. It was also very fun working together! Two thumbs up!
Tina Masciadrelli
Senior Account Manager / Wallace Church
Kate has been one of the first people we call when needing a moderator. Kate quickly assesses the objectives of the programs and develops sound guides and exhibit recommendations to fit the project needs. Kate’s energy and humor make groups enjoyable to watch, never giving a quiet respondent a chance to coast. Kate’s assessments are quick, objective and spot on. Most importantly, Kate is just flippin’ fun to work with.
Rick Jansen
Managing Director / Sterling Becker
When it comes to packaging research, Kate is the BEST! Whether its structure or graphics, her insights, experience and passion are second to none. And she’s a damn good fly fisherman, so you gotta respect that!
Mike Button
Senior Research Manager / Hershey’s