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Founded in 2002

For over 16 years, Kate Wagenlander Watson has been a qualitative research consultant to a wide range of Fortune 500 companies and over 100 brands. She brings energy, empathy, understanding, flexibility, a keen ear, and creativity to the qualitative experience, which allows both the clients and respondents to fully engage in the process.

She started in the world of qualitative research in 1999 at Perception Research Services, a full service research firm based in Teaneck, New Jersey. Her passion for people and understanding their perspectives and motivations helped her grow professionally and led her to start her own qualitative consultancy in July of 2006.


More Fish Please

The joy of qualitative is around the many ways you can approach one issue. KCW Global Research will work with you to sculpt a methodology that will help you attain your research objectives utilizing one or a mix of the following qualitative tools:

- focus groups
- mini groups
- one-on-one interviews (in-person or virtual)
- online discussion boards
- shop-a-longs
- in-home interviews/ethnography
- usability testing


In January of 2015 she joined the Board of Trustees for Casting for Recovery, a non-profit organization offering support and educational retreats for women with breast cancer that she has been involved with since 2007 as a hospitality helper at retreats and a volunteer at alumnae retreats. She is an active member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) holding a wide range of positions since 2001 and a RIVA graduate. She earned her B.A. in Marketing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.


Fun Facts

Kate’s Fun Facts -While Kate LOVES to fly fish, she does not eat anything that swims! -Her love of new products and packaging has led to no one wanting to go grocery shopping with her – – as she is often scanning packages and doing quick interviews with unsuspecting shoppers in any aisle. -Kate tried 41 different offerings at the 2010 Minnesota state fair. They say the body takes 7 years to regenerate, she plans to wait at least 12 before putting her body through that volume of fried deliciousness frequently served on a stick! -When Kate was little her plan was to balance her careers as a lawyer and psychologist during the day and an actress at night/weekends. Net: success! – a qualitative research consultant she is!

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