doggone tenacity

my family escapes once a year for a long weekend camping extravaganza at shangri-la.shangri-la is in the middle of nowhere and is located a half a mile from the “parking area” (read field) – then down the hill, over the creek, through the woods, to the camp site we hike…

with no electricity, plumbing or other creature comforts, we spend our time catching up, fighting about politics, and being the most functional dysfunctional family around!

two years ago, i went on a hike with my dad and stepmom’s dog axelle.  you hear stories of dogs that think they are bigger than they are when they interact with other dogs.  yes, cute.  but this dog takes it to another level.

she brought me a stick, that was more like a railroad tie, and wanted me to throw it for fetch.  of course i obliged (and almost threw out my shoulder) but was most impressed with how she handled the railroad tie.  yes, it was large and cumbersome, but its size and waterlogged weight (about 20+ pounds) did not seem to slow her down….in the creek or on the long walk back to the camp site.



i think we all have times in our life when something comes up for us, or someone we love, or even a challenge at work, and it just feels insurmountable.  well, this sweet tenacious dog demonstrated to me how to just keep moving and forget the odds because they just do not matter.

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Dick Whittington

10 years ago

I have two stick, limb, tree and rock retrieving labs that teach me similar lessons every day…while the third little lady, Molly, relaxes, watches and makes fun of them doing the same thing over and over and over without getting anywhere. In every crowd and no matter the activity/accomplishment, there is always a critic…and Molly plays the role to a tee. But they ignore her, have a great time and aren’t about to tell her about the fun she’s missing for fear she would want to interfere.


10 years ago

I love this story!!! Thanks so much for the reminder. tears in eyes…might be allergies… ;o)


10 years ago

I love it. It makes me want to post this dog’s picture near my desk to remind me to keep moving…

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