great idea but….

imagine it, walking down the toothpaste aisle and you see a new package structure unlike anything you have seen before for that category.  what do you do?  have an in-store photo shoot and buy the new structure of course!  or wait, that might just be me….IMG_5427

chicago 8.2013

well, it did not take long until the excitement turned to frustration and sadness.  like shaving cream packages, a little bit of product would come out of the dispensing hole after you are done dispensing.  no problem with shaving cream so why would that be different here?  i might be an odd bird but for me there is something not so appetizing about feeling a hardened chunk of toothpaste while brushing.

so this led to the need to scrape the hardened nubbin of toothpaste off the end of the dispenser before dispensing each time.  i used the cap as it seemed like the logical choice but then it can no longer serve as a cap as it is now the receptacle of the hardened and wasted toothpaste.  so now the lid with scrapings and dispenser sit separately on my bathroom counter – – so attractive.


why does this bother me so?  well…

– it adds an extra step to my process (you may argue that i have to take lid off regular toothpaste but that is an already entrenched step that does not matter – – this structure demands a NEW step/behavior which makes it feel different/cumbersome while not delivering any perceived consumer benefit)

– it is wasteful.  i am actually throwing away product with every use and there is nothing i can do to stop it….and for $6.99 i seem to have higher expectations.  note the waste from 15 uses in the picture below.  that could have been 4 brushings!


the package is almost empty and i am excited to get back to my trusty old tube of toothpaste.  i am glad that they are looking to innovate but sad that this direction did not add any value or even fun to my teeth brushing experience.  but i am still optimistic of what the future might bring!

anyone else try this package?  what were your thoughts?

other innovative or notable innovations in the dental care category or another category that you would like to share?  please share!

i would like to add that i called the customer service line on the can and shared my issues with the nice gentleman on the other end of the line. he said he would share my thoughts with the brand team and offered me some coupons for my frustrations.

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10 years ago

I have not tried this packaging, but I can see how you would be so frustrated. Back to the tried and true tube… I am glad I am not the only one who calls to give feedback! 🙂

Meegan Addy

10 years ago

Ha! I knew it wasn’t just me! I was so pissed by that package. Sensodyne in the tube please.

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Sherrie Loveman

10 years ago

Love the product and need the product. I bought it in this form once and will never again. It took on a menacing life of its own. Required a good cleaning of the top, cap and sides every time you used it. There was no stopping it from oozing.

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