late night surprise

i understand that i should probably work on getting out more or finding some new hobbies because this package made my pretty happy.

picture it, 1:30am and i am entering my hotel room for the night.  i enter the bathroom and am thrilled by the new and innovative packaging for the soap – it has a vertical orientation!


philadelphia, 2.2014

it is possible that this soap package isn’t that new but i am more of a Starwood gal and this was a Marriott.  honestly, bathroom products at hotels just aren’t like they used to be.  remember the days of Molton Brown? shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion at Westin’s?  ahh….

back to the soap.  i immediately opened the package because i just had to experience the soap shape (at 1:30am) and it was pretty awesome.  It didn’t have the fun massaging bumps/texture (which just feels fancier) but definitely different.


ultimately, this just shows how a little innovation can go a long way with a packaging junkie like me…

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10 years ago

Hi Kate
Great to see the blog.
I too look at little packages in hotels as part of my hotel evaluations. What I look for is consistency across the group (ie 4 points Sheraton). Do all the hotels in the group offer the identical range of toiletries to customers?
In most cases they do but in some cases all the products are not provided by one hotel (no shower cap for example if that is part of the designated toiletries package) or in some cases a completely different set of products is offered.
Business travellers want consistency across a group. A pleasant surprise is nice (i.e. a new soap shape) a new form of soap may not be so pleasant.
Philip love your work.


10 years ago

I saw this holey soap in a hotel a few years ago. I loved it because I feel like it reduces waste (not sure how big of a problem it really is).

kate wagenlander

10 years ago

what a great idea! thanks for sharing angie! sadly, westin or marriott haven’t picked up on any of the sustainable products/practices yet…

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