more fun with wine!

so do you remember when you saw your first screw top on a bottle of wine?!  reactions to this innovation varied.  some possible reactions might have included…

– but how can THAT keep my wine as fresh?

– nice touch for CHEAPER wines

– hmm…no corkscrew needed?  NICE!

regardless of your reaction, i must say that i am very impressed with the level of innovation that i have seen with regard to wine packaging.  i have already shared the magic of the Copa glass of wine but even before that we saw boxed wine.  remember the outcry on that?  see possible responses above.  yep.  shockingly very similar.

but recently i came across a few other innovative wine packages that i cannot resist sharing with you….

1st innovation….a can.

yep.  a can of wine.  i have not yet tried it but leave it to whole foods to carry it…


chicago, illinois 9.2014


2nd innovation…a bag without the box.

in a world where we always boast about wanting less packaging, this seems like a perfect transition from the box…

bagged wine

(found online but they have another type at whole foods)

3rd innovation…and my favorite….a boxed 750ml bottle.

while many speak about the importance of less packaging, if a package is just perfect enough then the amount of packaging can prove to be less of a barrier…i, being the packaging whore that i am, just really hope deep down that this is better for the planet in some way because i think i am in love…


chicago, illinois 9.2014

4th innovation…because this category is changing and innovating daily it seems…the stacked single serving.

there is no sugar coating it, i have been hanging onto this gem for a while now.  if you follow me on twitter (@kcwglobal) this will look a little familiar.  it was in the clearance rack for $6.99.  shocking, right?  candidly i am afraid of what it will taste like so i am just keeping it around for the sake of entertainment.


auburn, alabama 5.2014

can you think of any innovations you have seen in the wine category as of late?  have you tried any of these new packaging styles?  and yes, friend or foe?  this spark another thought?  share in the comment section below…

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Mary Beth Solomon

10 years ago

My absolute FAVORITE “champagne in a can” that I’ve been buying for a few years (and giving lots away to friends as gifts) is this one:
Can you dig it? Not only does it come in a can and a pretty color, it comes with a STRAW!
And to boot, I buy them in mini hexagonal cases of four.

Erin Taylor

10 years ago

The Stack wine is AWFUL! I couldn’t resist the packaging and bought it last year for a Ravinia concert. Disappointing taste but the cup proved otherwise, as it ended up being used as a device for drinking better tasting bottled wine.

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