oui s’il vous plaît

picture it.rainy day in paris and you stop into a cute little cafe to have a bit of a nosh with some heart healthy wine.

you settle into your chair and start perusing the menu and see this as an option….

IMG_2540paris 5.2012

i must say it wasn’t quite what i was expecting.  oddly, this was the only item on the menu that brought the core ingredient back to its roots.

beyond their choice to include a LIVE pig, i found their actual choice of pig visual a bit disturbing.  sort of glad there is no eye contact but he looks as if he is asking for you to please not order the grilled pork through his prison bars.

i obliged.  the steak was delicious.


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Tom Taber

10 years ago

I feel as though I am with you. Just finished reading Mastering the Art of French Eating, Ann Mah. Great read. She says your choice of steak is “the specialty” of Paris. What does the pig know? One of her favorite spots is Le Mistral …. report back.

Kay Harwood

10 years ago

First, lucky you for being in Paris (Paris is not one of my favorite European cities, but since I haven’t been out of the U.S. in several years . .. Paris sounds pretty good! . . .let me know if you ever need a personal assistant when you have these international destinations!) ( :

Since I grew up on a ‘hobby’ farm, which included pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits, goats, etc etc. . . . I agree with you . . . the pig visual is a bit disturbing (I don’t eat pork, but I think a visual of any sort of animal (chicken, steer, rabbit, squirrel, etc) would be disturbing and would likely curb any hunger I might have been feeling!

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