science is progress?

for some years now people talk about making a turducken for the holidays.  little did I know that is now so mainstream that you can get this same taste combination for your pets!


washington dc, 2013

ginger-pup, the receiver of this tasty blend, seems like a pretty lucky dog.

this next part is a bit gratuitous but I think you will be glad you stuck with me…

in September of 2010, I joined some friends, actually the proud parents of ginger-pup, for my first Minnesota state fair experience.  It was life changing and I am convinced that my body is still struggling to recover.

beyond the wide range of amazing culinary delicacies, they also have live animals that you can visit with and learn from.  candidly, when Sarah said we were going to explore the poultry barn, I had some concerns about how they “fair.”

but to my amazement, it was one of my highlights!  two pictures capture this magic, one a bit more germane to the post at hand than the other, but again, I think you will be glad to have seen it.

first, we have a turken.  nope, you read that right.  sure, I am missing the duck for a full turducken experience but this feathery delight is alive and walking around and checks 2 of 3 boxes!!  good enough for me…for now at least.


minnesota state fair, 9.2010

finally, a duck.  while this may not seem like a big deal to you now or ever realistically but there is so much that makes this picture wonderful.

not sure why this is so special?  please consider the following….

  1. “Ducks, Any other duck, old duck” (quite a category name right?)
  2. 1st place (suggesting there were more old ducks competing)
  3. owner’s name is Donald (low lying fruit…sorry…)
  4. please note the egg beside said old duck (well done duck!  way to show them!)

and yes, there was so much more about the Minnesota state fair that made it magical, even in the poultry barn, but i figure i won’t push my luck…for now!

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