stopped me in my tracks!

(so the last pig post was a little disturbing so i wanted to lighten things up a little with this stunner of a package…)

in chicago we have a relatively new food market called plum.  they are like whole foods in their more natural food but they also have a pretty broad selection of international brands and products…and a cheese selection that can bring a cheese lover to their knees!

while shopping for a variety of cheeses for the annual christmas tree party, a package on a shelf near the end cap caught my eye.

it was true love at first sight.

i couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

it exuded a sense of quality through its branding and old school, almost vintage material and design.

i had to have it.

did i know what the product actually was?  i kinda read the label but i did not care and it did not matter what it said.  probably strawberry related and who does not like strawberries?

then i looked at the price.  this led me to re-read the product description because i assumed it is a strawberry related product due to the package but there must be more in there at this price point.  are they diamond encrusted strawberry fruits in syrup?  a caviar and strawberry fruit and syrup mixture?  alas, it was just 21 ounces of fabbri strawberry fruit and syrup.  but for true love there was no dissuading me from my purchase.



chicago, 12.2013

beautiful right?  i will let you take a moment to fully grasp the beauty of this package.  i do hope that the density and quality of the material is coming through in the photo (otherwise i might sound a little more off than usual).

i still have yet to try it.  i am not sure what i am saving it for exactly but i am optimistic that it will be the best “strawberries in heavy syrup” that i have ever consumed!

it is not often that a package will stop me in my tracks.  but when it does, the wonderment around the power of a successful package just makes me smile!

curious as to the price?  i could just tell you but think it might be more fun if you try guessing in the comment box below (and no cheating!)…

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Amy Williamson

10 years ago


Michele Luckenbaugh

10 years ago


Susan Gaetz

10 years ago

Knowing that the packaging alone probably cost quite a bit, I’m going to guess $36.

Kay Harwood

10 years ago

A beautiful package indeed! I can understand your inclination to delay opening . . . knowing me, it would probably still be on my shelf 10 years from now (because it’s too pretty to open!). My only possible criticism is there doesn’t appear to be any immediate applications if I wanted to ‘repurpose’ the packaging after devouring the contents . . . I love it when companies do this!

As far as price . . . not sure of the total ounces, but perhaps $8.49

Susan Nyman

10 years ago


Tom Taber

10 years ago


Philip Smith

10 years ago

Kate I know you are generous and adore packaging – I think you’d spend up to $25

kate wagenlander

10 years ago


and the actual price was…… $30.99 plus tax!

thanks for all of the guesses! the crazy thing is that i hope they offer blueberry, lemon, marmalade options as well so that i can create a whole set!

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