thank you tory burch

so it isn’t too often that i have the pleasure of ordering something online and find myself needing to sit down while opening the snail mail box because it is so well done.  in preparation of an Indian wedding i was attending, i ordered the most ornate sandals i could find.  Tory Burch helped make the magic happen.

upon opening the box i was greeted with Tory Burch branding on the inside of the main shipping box and an orange paper wrap around the box itself with a greeting from Tory, thanking me for my purchase and her hopes that I love my new purchase.



chicago, 2013

well done Tory.  i am yours.  (and keep in mind that at this point, i still have not even seen the shoes yet!)

i then carefully unstuck the gold sticker so i could get to the shoes.  i was greeted then by a beautiful box and a well thought out/unique envelope (that even included a sample of her perfume [brilliant]) with my receipt.  finally, at the base of the shoe box was a high quality shoe bag.


i am so impressed with how she has created such a complete brand experience from a simple online order.  many many thanks!

ohh and of note, the shoes were perfection!

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