to a new year of magic!

so typically when one celebrates the new year they drink some bubbles.  and today i have the story of an amazing bottle of bubbles!

i would like to introduce you to andre’ clouet 1911 grand cru classe.

one of my favorite parts of this product story is in the number 1911.  this represents how many bottles of this champagne that are bottled per year.  you are currently looking at bottle #1045 de la cuvee’ 36 that was bottled on 2.5.2014.

that story alone has me swooning!  but then you see the packaging and i am practically speechless!


chicago, illinois 12.2014

yes, that is straw tied around the bottle with twine which is covered in a white wrap with an informational packet neatly nestled close to the bottle’s bosom. the unwrapping of this bottle felt like some sort of ritual which helped generate even more excitement about the actual bubbles contained.



and the bubble were….GLORIOUS!  the insanely unique packaging, the gorgeous bouquet of flavors contained in the bottle, and the spectacular company that shared in this experience with me put this bottle in another class.

many thanks to mark for this most special present – and for sharing in the magic of its drinking!

i wish you all a 2015 full of magical surprises, unexpected connections, abundant health, and boundless joy and happiness!

can you think of a product that has a story that helps it stand above the rest?  or just a story that stands out to you?  please share it in the comments sections below.

and just in case you are interested in a bit more about the wine itself here are some extra pictures that give a bit more detail…



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