where would you donate $500?

if you have been following the blog then you are aware i love packaging, branding, fishing, and travel, but there is more.  one element that has always been a cornerstone to my business and my life philosophy is giving back.  kcw global research annually makes donations to organizations in its backyard, nationally, and internationally while also making small donations for every project executed and donating my time to a variety of amazing organizations when i can.  sharing this is not intended to be a “toot my own horn” moment, but rather an opportunity to share a little of my back story on the topic so you can understand the impetus behind this initiative.

anyone can start a blog but i needed to figure out how to build this spirit of giving into this construct.  and so our story begins… back in february i held a drawing for a $1000 donation to the 501c3 of the winner’s choice.  this drawing included the 60ish of you that had subscribed to my blog within its first few months.  the beneficiary of this initial drawing was:

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but kate this donation was made in march, why are you telling us about it now?

i love these questions!  i am telling this to you now because we just hit the 100 followers milestone which means we have drawing for $500 to the 501c3 of the winner’s choice coming up this week.  this time and moving forward, at every 100 follower milestone i will host a drawing and the winner will get $500 for the 501c3 of their choice!*

the intention is to give back to those of you that are supporting me in a meaningful way but also hoping to get folks thinking about where and how they can give back in their own lives.  these instances of giving back do not have to be grand or even monetary but my hope is that this might open you up a little to the many opportunities to give of yourself that are all around you.

where would YOU choose to donate your $500 if you won?  and even if you aren’t picked this time, i bet you have an idea of where you would donate it, don’t you?  regardless of whether i pick your name, take this opportunity to find a little way to give back today or this week.  this is my little challenge for all of you.

you might recall from a previous post keep calm and summer on, how my girl summer started a simple and beautiful movement to pass on love through random acts of kindness.  i dedicate this initiative to her beautiful memory.  we miss you summer!

please invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join this campaign!  imagine the impact we can make… and feel free to share your acts of goodness in the comment section below.

this drawing will be held THIS week so watch your email to see if you are the LUCKY winner!  good luck!


*fine-ish print:  this is limited to $5,000 a calendar year – but for this year that would mean 700 more followers and in a regular year 1000 followers.  if we get there i might even reconsider… but ultimately let’s not leave a single dollar on the table.  i am ready for the challenge if you are.  keep calm and summer on!

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Dick Whittington

10 years ago

You never cease to amaze me, Kate, with your enthusiasm, energy, innovation, involvement, courage and optimism. I love following everything you do and at some point i’m looking forward to reading about your life, your travels and your fly fishing on my Kindle. You are a real gift to the lives of everyone who knows you. Thanks for enriching all of our lives.


10 years ago

I would probably donate to the “Friends of Maui Waena,” the middle school I teach at in high-poverty Maui. I know, that sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s really true that most “locals” on Maui are poor, and that’s especially true where I teach. If picking my own school seems too self-serving, I would donate $500 to Medicine for Mali, a fantastic organization I’ve had the privilege of traveling with a few times as they conduct medical clinics in West Africa.

and the winner is….. | the life & love of kcw global research

10 years ago

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