yep. i am that american.

or am I?

did I go to McDonald’s while in budapest?  yes.

was it because I was too afraid to eat tongue, goose skin, horse sausage, black sausage, and liver sausage?  heck to the no.  (although I consider the box checked for some of those options so I do not need to eat them again.)

it was because their McDonald’s serves FRIED APPLE PIES.

IMG_7845budapest, hungary 5.2014

even if I am alone in this adoration for this delicious treat, I do not care!  it was, rather they were (full disclosure), downright heavenly.  c’mon, you know right now you are remembering the crispy of the outside and freakishly hot apple goodness contained inside and how together they are perfection…


I actually try to visit McDonald’s on all of my travels in hopes of finding the magical and rare fried apple pie.  I am so happy to report that the introduction of the healthier “baked” apple pie has not yet made its way to every corner of the world!

and if you are a lover of the McDonald’s fried pie like me, you can also find them in egypt (2009), hawaii (2010), philippines (2009), but no for china, argentina and france.

do you have any other McDonald’s to add to the “have” and “have not” fried apple pie list??  please share.  this may have broad implications on my future travel plans…..

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10 years ago

Australia has the fried apple pie! So good. Like, so good.


10 years ago

If I can ever get you to our cabin, I will take you to Mercier Orchards, makers of absolutely tasty (therefore fat) fried pies. Variety of flavors but apple is their best because they’re an apple grower first and foremost. AND…they make all the fried pies for the world famous Varsity. Have you had the Varsity’s fried apple pie? Come back to Atlanta. My treat!

Dick Whittington

10 years ago

Can’t help you here, Kate. I do my best to avoid ever visiting Macky-D’s. The only exception being if my Grandkids are with me and nothing else will do but a Kid’s Meal with a prize.

Sarah Peltier

10 years ago

We forgot to try to get one in Ecuador?

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