for the love of spam

my father is addicted.he has been for most of his life.

it isn’t uncommon.

he isn’t alone.

i have even been known to take a little jaunt down the rabbit hole as well.

and i bet you have as well.

yes, i am talking about spam.


(old san juan, puerto rico 1.2013)

i honestly, cannot think of another brand that brings me the same level of joy.  sure it is mostly rooted in nostalgia and family jokes/jabs but i am continuously amazed by the new innovations they bring to spam.  not sure you can read the products well in the pictures so here is the spam sum up from this particular store…

– spam oven roasted turkey

– spam with real hormel bacon

– spam light/spam light single

– spam 25% less sodium

– spam classic single

truly, i am not even sure what the first two are but i can say that they make me deliriously happy!

thank you spam!  keep it up!


ooooooh…. texture

mmmm… so love it when companies really embrace the power of texture in their structural design.

take this gorgeous aviation gin bottle as a great example…


chicago gourmet, 9.2013

the texture on the lid just compels you to want to touch it.

and i did.  and it was spectacular.

the lid matched the awesomeness of the rest of the package design as well.  i love the way they took something so simple but created, for me at least, such a vivid story.  i can almost imagine the aviators drinking it next to their planes decorated with colorful and cleavage forward nose art back in war time.


further, i think a really successful design is when it can be both beautiful and functional – and this is a ding ding!  the texture of the ridges on the bottle helps you with gripping as does the lid.


camera 1… camera 2… camera 1… camera 2…

so i love to fish.  as in, it might be a problem how much i love to fish.  it is up there with packaging.i document everything that i can within a reasonable sense of reason (this “reason” statement might be refuted by other postings).

while i was reviewing my pictures from one day out fishing with the folks from martin pescador in chile (3.2011), one particular fish gave me a bit of a chuckle and made me question the idea of perspective.

first, enjoy camera one…


looks pretty big right?  respectable fish by many accounts.

but now, let’s check out camera two….


somehow not quite so big.

these pictures perfectly illustrate the power of perspective.

now here they are together…


the implications of perspective is so far reaching in every facet of our personal and professional lives.  just a little something to gnaw on…

OF NOTE:  i would like to point out that this size and perspective thing related to fish size only happened once.  all of my other fish pictures are totally as big or little as they appear.  just saying….

the pigeon chronicles: an introduction



historically, i never thought much of pigeons but over the past few years i have found myself oddly intrigued by them and the roles they have played in various cultures and civilizations around the world.

you know i am making you curious.

so welcome to the pigeon chronicles!  here you will be able to enjoy some of the little facts i have learned about pigeons and maybe even acquire a new found appreciation for our feathery friends!

as well, i talk a lot about perspective and while today we created our perspective of pigeons based on our own context, historically they were seen very differently and brought so much more to the table.   i hope that as you read these pigeon chronicles they help you consider the unseen potential all around us and in places we never even thought to look.

seem like a possible over promise on my part?  fair.  but you check back with me after volume 5 and let me know….




finding it hard to believe that a box of rice could get you excited?!if yes, then clearly you have never been rice shopping in san martin, argentina.

the success of this particular package is not really driven by traditional measurements but by the sheer fun and craziness of it.

am i building up enough excitement and anticipation yet?

ladies and gentlemen i present you with lucchetti’s diana arroz.


san martin, argentina 3.2012

yes, this package really exists.  awesome right?  but wait.  it gets better.  the advertising campaign that accompanies the package takes us all to yet another level i am not sure i knew even existed.

check it out…. i promise you will not be disappointed…

you are so very welcome!