a tale of two bunnies

so while i was “working” in paris a couple of years ago, i came across the package below.


paris 5.2012

you may be able to appreciate my shock and awe as i saw this bunny and thought “ohh duracell, really?”

but then, i started to dig a little deeper.

much to my surprise i learned that the duracell bunny actually came first and is still going strong in europe and australia.  there was a time when duracell did have the bunny trademarked in the US and canada but it lapsed and energizer jumped in and claimed the bunny as their own.


i am still a loyal energizer consumer with my own properly outfitted energizer bunny in my office, but this whole story broke my heart just a little….


gratuitous fish porn

there is no real purpose of this blog posting except to share these two beautiful steelhead with you.

20140424_105214-1 dowagiac river, michigan 4.24.2014


i caught them a couple of weeks ago and i am still glowing.  i am sure you cannot imagine why.

first one was caught with a spey rod (my first time!) and the second nymphing….

special shout out to my trusty guide dustan with ripple guide service!  perfect day!

yep. i am that american.

or am I?

did I go to McDonald’s while in budapest?  yes.

was it because I was too afraid to eat tongue, goose skin, horse sausage, black sausage, and liver sausage?  heck to the no.  (although I consider the box checked for some of those options so I do not need to eat them again.)

it was because their McDonald’s serves FRIED APPLE PIES.

IMG_7845budapest, hungary 5.2014

even if I am alone in this adoration for this delicious treat, I do not care!  it was, rather they were (full disclosure), downright heavenly.  c’mon, you know right now you are remembering the crispy of the outside and freakishly hot apple goodness contained inside and how together they are perfection…


I actually try to visit McDonald’s on all of my travels in hopes of finding the magical and rare fried apple pie.  I am so happy to report that the introduction of the healthier “baked” apple pie has not yet made its way to every corner of the world!

and if you are a lover of the McDonald’s fried pie like me, you can also find them in egypt (2009), hawaii (2010), philippines (2009), but no for china, argentina and france.

do you have any other McDonald’s to add to the “have” and “have not” fried apple pie list??  please share.  this may have broad implications on my future travel plans…..